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I see you on stage
and I realize your talent
maybe because it's something I haven't
your singing, your acting
your openness and generosity
I see these in you
and feel slightly envious
maybe that's the reason I love you
there's much you can teach me
I see things in you and in myself
I see things in you I don't have
you have shared these with me
when you first see
that which is attractive
you find you can be
a little bit obsessive.
obsession is healthy
in small doses
people throughout history
have known this
from washington to moses.
obsession is sick
I see you laughing with other guys
and I wonder often what I am doing wrong.
flirting is not esy for a guy who's never
had a girlfriend. it's like a problem that
can never be solved.
it has no books to read for self-help
guys can't ask girls for tips or pointers
I try hard to get your attention
but there is a man in your life.
The stars in your eyes
My nights have missed
By the sunshine of your smile
my flowers haven't been kissed
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