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You ask my why I love you
I know not all the reasons.
You ask me when I started.
I love you in all seasons.
You ask me why I smile
When I look in your eyes
And when I drive all the miles
Instead of as the crow flies.
I see in your heart
And also in your soul
A very special part
Of you I'd like to know.
I feel connected to you
When I hold your hand
And when together stuff we do
In air, water or on land
I feel as if all that hurts
Does fly away and go bye
And when we share spoken words
I know I'll never lie.
I awaken with you on my mind
And on my lips a smile
I think about you all the time
And during that, all the while
Every time I am with you
My love grows stronger
Every time I leave you
My heart can wait longer
To see you, be with you again.
Until that day we can be together always.
In my mind I think of you
I think of us and all
I think of what we chose to do
I wonder if you wish
in love you did not fall?
These last nine months
I'd not trade for the world
I'd give it all again
To have you as my girl
I know in my heart and mind
What we're doing is right
So why does it hurt so
When I think of you day or night?
I picture your face
To stop a bad reaction
Your beauty and love
a welcome distraction
In my future I envision
A life shared by us
But it's a future decision
That we may make
But must make together
But right now as lovers
Our hearts and minds are torn
We did right by coming together
And allowing our love to be born
But though distance does give pause
to the love in our lives
I know when the time is right
The time will be right for us.
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