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You ask me what I want
I really am not sure
I only know in my heart
You can help me find
What I am looking for
You ask me my plans for life
Would I like you as my wife?
Would I want kids number four
Share our names, lives, and more
You ask me for what I go to college
A waste of time and money you say
You think it's worse than bondage
You ask me of my outlook for the future
When I think of it with you,
I see it will be pure.
I have dreams
So many I want to scream
One of my goals
is to walk next to you
on a sunrise beach
this is but one goal
for which I want to reach.
to go camping together
is another of my goals
to hike and swim
and relax by the coals
to leave my place of work
and upon return say
Honey, I'm Home!
to build together memories
to make our love known
these are a few of my fantasies
and I hope to think
I am working to make them come true.
I try to do everything for you
and sometimes
everything just isn't enough.
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