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I talked to you last night
you were a little confused
We talked about the future
we talked about us
I occasionally enjoy
confussing your cute head
but other times I think
I like straightforward instead
There's words that play
over and over in my mind
but four of those special words
will only be said at the right time
i lie in my room, trying to write
i find i cannot, try though i might
words just don't come, rhymes do not flow
a thousand thoughts ready with no where to go
i listen to soft classical music
i lie in the warm spring breeze
i read a book i won't usually like
i revel in my lover's touch and tease
remember places i go, things i've done
times when i have and have not had fun
trouble weaving a decent solid poem
am not able to write or compose one
I see girls I like
and they are all beautiful
I see the guys they go out with
and they are years older.
I wonder why teenage girls
go out with guys in college.
the girls I like
are all dating college guys
and I wonder: will I not
get a girlfriend until
secondary education?
I see girls I like
and they date out of town guys
I wonder if moving somewhere
else is a good way to get a girl.
Asleep on my bed
Awake in my mind
Dreams are in action
What do I find?
A pilot, a lover,
President of the US
Which can I cover?
Only I know best
A father, gentlemen,
Man about the house
I'll be the one
Who is not scared
by a mouse
As husband and wife
A bond that transcends life
in happiness, in health
we shall never part
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