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Twisted deep in the mind
Messed up in the heart.
Where I am all confused from
I don't know where to start.
Feelings for one lady
inside me I've got.
exact opposite of me
she definately is not.
a couple years younger
about to graduate.
to go out in the jungle
play her hand from fate.
The second woman for whom
my heart is so fond
does wear a round ring
of gold and diamond.
Half a decade plus
she ages over me
but when I look at her
it is her heart I see.
A job I do hold
I sell stuff, electronics.
I don't go to school
No money, no Hooked On Phonics.
At this job I stay
It's most I've ever known.
Will I be employed here
till I'm old and grown?
Another woman whom I loved
I did see on a show
with another man
to her prom they did go
As I watched this flick
I found I could not change
My finger wouldn't stick
the button was so strange.
In my chest I felt
a snap a pop a break
seeing her and him
did jolt me awake.
My feelings for her
I will always carry
But my mind and heart do know
we will never marry.
At home I still live
with cat, sister brother
my disabled dad
and my unemployed mother.
Two old cars we drive
Buck and a half a piece.
But now we own a house
not board or rent or lease.
Dreams of my own
I have few on this day
other than security
and to be able to say
Yeah, I'm comfortable
with the way I live
No regrets I have
myself I need not forgive.
In my future, my hopes for life
I do hope to have two
point three kids and a wife.
Where I am right now
these things I don't need.
It is a hope for my future
it is a dream, not greed.
Decently happy I am
of this I'm sure
but there will come a day
when I want a bit more.
When that day comes
I'll draw up and make a stand
I'll say this is what I want
I can work for it. I'm a man.
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