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Real or imagined
Could these places be what we left behind?
Magic, dragons, mythical monsters, death
Life, wealth, all whiz by without taking a breath
Damsels, creatures, loyalty to the King
The heroes died from almost everything.
Sprites, pixies, mermaids, visions of the mind
Sorcerers that can travel throughout time
Wishing, genies, magical artifacts
Some people with that this time would come back
But if it did we'd have lots of trouble
We'd have to run and hide on the double
Thunder, lightning, omnipotence at play
We wouldn't be having a real good day
Chased from our homes, livelihoods destroyed
All for the sake of a bunch of kids' toys
Leave fantasy fantasy, stick with fact
We've got enough trouble cleaning our act.
A conversation of trust
a kiss filled with lust
Keep a secret we must
Two months we met only just.
My heart reaches out for you
as my body does too
My mind is easier after I knew
What you need to, only you can do
Your shoes are not mine
I wish you only the best
You may find after time
You need to give it a rest
A confusing meld of feelings
In both my heart and yours
We gave each other grand tours.
What you told me and what I see
Is not the best world for you
and not the one for me.
On the decision you must choose
I'll stand by you, sharing your shoes.
Down on the farm
eggs over easy
hashes of brown
sizzling griddle
wonderful sound
cooking you breakfast
after the break of dawn
eating from our plates
till the food is gone
freshly brewed coffee
decaf, of course
you're already wired
you went for a
ride on a horse
after our meal
our chores we would do
working together
just me and you
first in mind, heart and soul
as such you shall remain
in the heart I feel
a soul rending pain
I feel weak, as if it were
a fault of mine that
did bring our love's end
glad am I happiness found you
though you may still have
my heart, friends we remain
though together we are not
I may only hope the future
will see us together
if it is not meant to be
you and I, loving in life
then as your partner, friend
I shall be.
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