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First in mind, heart and soul
as such you shall remain
in the heart I feel
a soul rending pain
I feel weak, as if it were
a fault of mine that
did bring our love's end
glad am I happiness found you
though you may still have
my heart, friends we remain
though together we are not
I may only hope the future
will see us together
if it is not meant to be
you and I, loving in life
then as your partner, friend
I shall be.
I have a chance to do something
that's natural for a man and woman to do
the woman is beautiful and intelligent as well
all his hopes and secrets
to this woman the man tells
the man is plain and of average smarts
he loves this woman in his heart of hearts
a friendship they share, a love that is rare
about each other these two really care
their expressions of love till now have been verbal
or gestured or postured or a little bit of all
now these two partners are ready to express their love
in an intimate and private fashion...
A moment of passion
a vision of bliss
an unspoken word
spoken with a kiss
a feeling of connection
two joined as one
thought upon reflection
this time is fun
hand placed in hand
heart pounds next to heart
initiated by the man
a relationship does start
an instant of surprise
a moment of disbelief
a look in your eyes
a feeling of relief.
some say love
it is a flower
that blooms and grows with care.
others say love
it is a river
that flows when the first dam breaks.
i say love
it is a dream
that changes with each passing day.
my dream changes
when each other dream ends
my dream encompasses
several opposite friends.
my friends don't know it
i can't show it.
my love is blocked by others.
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