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In my mind I can think
of what I want to say
you ask me what it is
I don't know right away
for with all my vocabulary
and all that I know
it's hard to say
how much I love you
it's easier to show
a kiss a hug
a card for no reason
a rose when you some home
cause they're always in season
you ask me if I love
the person or the girlfriend
to answer your query
the rules I must bend
I love the idea of
a shoulder to cry on
a face to smile when I
tell it bad jokes
a person to be there
when I come home and say
I had a bad day at work
you say in return
It's ok, tomorrow's tomorrow
a person to talk with
who has stories to share
to learn about my life
to help change it, to care
I love the fact that
you are that person
who is so completely
my friend, my love
so when we have problems
we help each other out
without fear or judging
or hate or self-doubt.
to cheer each other on
when a day does go right
to talk to each other
late into the night.
to look in your eyes
and in them I see
the love I feel for you
looking back at me.
Intermittent flashing white
a hum on a path of black
guided by a yellow marker
Always going to the front
can't turnaround, can't go back
alone in the driver's seat
and yet I've got companions
I pick them out as I drive
Get passed by a Neon,
a friend enters my thoughts
twin wheels of a motorcycle
family is on my mind
a Mustang blows me away
my heart warms up
and lonely I no longer feel
my mind is a maze
my thoughts a riddle
I think of love, hate,
and feelings in the middle
alone while driving
many wishes see I do
most of those concern myself
a majority of them I'm not
just me, you and I are we
passing on the right,
an exit is passed
but I keep going
driving in the lane before me
from daybreak to nightfall
it goes through my head
I think of it all.
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