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A moment of passion
a vision of bliss
an unspoken word
spoken with a kiss
a feeling of connection
two joined as one
thought upon reflection
this time is fun
hand placed in hand
heart pounds next to heart
initiated by the man
a relationship does start
an instant of surprise
a moment of disbelief
a look in your eyes
a feeling of relief.
We don't notice them for a while
when we do, we usually smile
They bowl us over, knock us down
our butts soon meet the cold hard ground
they pull us in, entice us good
then push away, not in the mood
if we think we like them, we will
go up to them and think, some thrill
to be near them, very close
if we get too near, overdose
we express interest, want to know
what they like, or don't, then say so
they're a great mystery and will be
forever; never learn how to see
the way they see the world around
opposites attract, experts say
we'll soon be together, one day
when it invades your dreams
to haunt, to taunt
and it fosters your screams.
obsession runs rampant
through this world
which is giant.
healthy obsessions
can create concessions
to make the lives
of the unobsessed better.
warped obsessions
can destroy lives
family, friends,
husbands and wives.
obsession can be a good thing
or it can be bad
being obsessed
can make you mad.
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